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Where to Download X Wing Alliance and How to Install It on Your PC

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X-Wing Alliance offers a full voiceover soundtrack and full dialogue in-flight. Flight control is marginally updated from the previous games of the series, allowing the player to link their cannons together, the ability to board and pick up other craft, and the addition of rudder support. Graphics are also overhauled in this game; high-resolution textures, more complex models, and full three-dimensional cockpits were added. However, the cockpits are not faithful to the other games; all indicators and screens are separated from the cockpit as an in-flight HUD depicted as floating windows.

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Although the game is considered a sequel, it takes place simultaneously with Star Wars: TIE Fighter, showing the whereabouts of the Rebellion during those events: it starts a little after the Battle of Hoth, crosses over with the Shadows of the Empire and ends with the Battle of Endor (TIE Fighter's expansion ends right before Endor).

The X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project is a graphical update to the Lucasarts flight sim X-Wing Alliance. This, combined with other mods, will allow you to play through X-Wing, Tie Fighter, X-wing Vs. Tie Fighter, and X-wing Alliance with upgraded graphics, and improved gameplay mechanics. Other customized missions can be found onder the "addon" section.

X-Wing Alliance is divided into missions, similar to games such as X-Wing and TIE Fighter. After joining the Rebel Alliance, there are a total of nine ranks to be promoted through as you complete missions. During the game, there are a number of ships that can be piloted other than the X-wing. They include the Y-wing, A-wing, B-wing, Corellian transports and the Millennium Falcon. Multiplayer modes provide players with a choice of 28 different craft (including Imperial ships).

X-Wing Alliance is the fourth game in the venerable Star Wars space combat series, following such landmark games as X-Wing and TIE Fighter, as well as the most recent installment, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter (XvTF). Like the others, Alliance was created by Lawrence Holland's Totally Games group, so those of you familiar with the series will be on comfortable ground. Totally Games again puts you in the seat of a number of Alliance fighter craft and a few new ships that you've never had the pleasure to commandeer. So what are the results like this time around? Well, not bad over all, but Alliance isn't without its shortcomings.

The military phase of the campaign begins following the Battle of Hoth, with the Rebel Alliance struggling to regroup after that devastating defeat. Now this is where the game gets fun. Ace, now a member of the Rebel Alliance, must work through a series of increasingly more difficult missions, culminating in the climactic strike against the second Death Star during the Battle of Endor. A strike--if you remember your movies--in which the Millennium Falcon played a pivotal role. In these later missions, you'll pilot a variety of Rebel military craft like the A-Wing, B-Wing, Y-Wing, Z-95 HeadHunter and, of course, the most famous one of all: Rudolph ... I mean the X-Wing. You even get to take the helm of the Millennium Falcon itself in the incredible final showdown and fly the fastest ship in the galaxy into the belly of the Death Star to deliver the fatal blow.

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Unfortunately for Alliance, it's not without its downfalls. The biggest drawback to the entire experience is the linear mission design. Although there are an impressive number of missions (50 in all), the game follows a straight path and, if you fail to complete even one minor detail in a mission, you have to fly the entire sortie over again. This gets very frustrating and a design structure similar to the Wing Commander series' branching mission tree would have done a lot to enhance this game. The frustration is compounded by a few minor scripting bugs, such as one in the third mission where your wingman confirms that the mission is complete when, in actuality, it isn't. I flew this extremely boring cargo inspection mission a dozen times before finally completing it and moving on, simply because one container wasn't inspected ... and my wingman was supposed to take care of that one. If you really get stuck on a mission, Totally Games has included a few key hints at the end of each which answer most of the questions you may have as to what you are missing on a particular assignment. However, you don't necessarily get all of the clues and you'll occasionally have to struggle with a mission several times before you actually discover exactly what you have to do to progress.

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In battle two, entitled Secret Weapons Of The Empire, you have a six-mission quest to tackle the Empire's new prototype fighters. In the next, you trail an Imperial defector who is slipping messages and information to the Rebellions. As the story unfolds, you learn who it is and are sent out to protect him from being assassinated as he defects. In battle four, the Rebels catch a sniff of the "secret military project". You even get to fly a mission as a wingman to Luke Skywalker. Wow.

High up on a black metal gantry, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are thrashing it out with lightsabers. Vader swings wildly at an overhead locker, and the contents - an old towel, a dogeared copy of Knave and a pair of Reeboks - drop on to Luke's head. As he falls to the ground, a sinister figure looms over him. Luke, says Vader, raising his hand, I know what you are getting for Christmas.

Perhaps most significantly for owners of the previous games, X-Wing Alliance gives you the opportunity to fly the Millennium Falcon and fry some Dark Side butt with those beefy quad laser cannons. This has been billed as the top attraction, but don't let it distract you from the scores of other advances and improvements that the game has to offer - even the aged X-wing, A-wing and B-wing craft have been stripped down, rebuilt and optimised for the new game. If only it was all in time for Christmas.

Alliances luminous planets and vast nebulae are much livlier than the bleak starfields of past X-Wing installments, and, if you have a PC with a high-end 3D card, the vehicle textures look photo-realistic. The games stunning visual presentation is also enhanced with debris-spewing explosions, oppressive capital ships, asteroids, and the interiors of space station superstructures--you'll even fly through the Death Star while piloting the Millennium Falcon.

The time-line of the game spans from Hoth to the Battle of Endor. You join a splinter of the main fleet which actually ends up discovering a lot of the revelations sprung upon the heroes of the movies. For example, you get to fly the missions that discover the existence of a second Death Star. You get to fly missions with actual members of Star Wars (both in celluloid and in print) such as Admiral Ackbar, Dash Rendar and Luke Skywalker. Yes, Luke is in there. It's awesome to watch one man providing space superiority cover for a whole wing of Y-Wings (of which you are one).

X-Wing Alliance Upgrade is a game utility that brings a new look to the 90's space simulation game, Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. This free-to-download mod gives the 21-year old game an incredible makeover, from updating the ship models to touching up everything. It even has support for virtual reality (VR).

Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance is the fourth and last entry in the X-Wing computer game series. Released in 1993, it is considered the sequel to Star Wars: TIE Fighter. It featured hardware-accelerated 3D graphics with higher resolution textures. Additionally, rather than the flat 2D drawings of its predecessors, it rendered cockpit graphics in 3D. However, given the era of its release, everything looks outdated compared to the games today.

The FOV sets how wide your viewing angle is. 4:3 aspect ratios are 86 degrees. When you alter the vertical resolution in a pre-set you're also going to zoom the view in or out a bit. Don't set 640x480 to 1920x1080 or you'll be zoomed waaaaay back. Pick the closest resolution to what you're adjusting to as which original line to change. 1080p and beyond is best using the 1600x1200 line. Now, the FOV should be tweaked to your liking. 90+ will give you a pulled back view of your cockpit, letting you see out the side glass but making distant objects that much smaller. I actually find that taking the FOV down to 65 at 1080p works best for me. Experiment.

Under "Pilot Options" you'll note that a DSUCP pilot has been added. This pilot has the entire campaign unlocked, which allows you to play all the missions in the game. This is quite useful for skipping the "Azameen Family" missions, if you just want to get down to X-wing business. Once I've got custom campaigns sorted out, I'll write up some instructions for getting those working as well. Darksaber and friends ported the original X-Wing and TIE Fighter as well as the XvT campaigns over to Alliance years ago, but I'm not certain they're working with this new version of the game yet.

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