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Ex On The Beach - Season 1

Ashley Cain later returned to the beach during the second series, this time as an ex, whilst Vicky returned as an ex during the third series. Chloe Goodman went on to appear in Celebrity Big Brother in 2015. During the "All star" fifth series, both Chloe and Liam returned to the beach as main cast, whereas Ashley and Joss returned once again as exes. Ross also made a return to the beach for Series 6.

Ex on the Beach - Season 1

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The official cast members all arrived in the first episode of the series, but would be joined by their exes one-by-one over the series. During the first episode Chloe's ex-fling Ross Worswick was introduced, and Marco's ex-girlfriend Frankie Thorpe arrived looking for revenge.[3] Ashley's ex-girlfriend Talitha Minnis arrived during the second episode.[4] During the third episode, despite being brought into the series as an ex, Ross received a shock when his ex-girlfriend Emma Jane Lang arrived on the island. After getting together in the house, Vicky and Ross' brief fling ended and they were officially added to each other's ex-list. Dann Conn, former love interest of Vicky during the sixth series of Geordie Shore, arrived during the fourth episode of the series. Meanwhile, Frankie was removed from the house after taking ill. It was announced she would not be returning.[5] Joss Mooney arrived in the fifth episode, and despite being an ex-boyfriend of Talitha, he's also had a previous fling with Emma Jane and once shared a kiss with Chloe. During the sixth episode, Shelby Billingham made her first appearance. She is the ex-girlfriend of both Joss and Ross. After a lot of anticipation, Geordie Shore star Ricci Guarnaccio arrived on the beach during the seventh episode and immediately caused trouble for his ex-fiancée Vicky. Due to Ashley's aggressive behaviour, he was removed from the house during the final episode of the series. Despite being original cast members, none of Emily, Farah, Jack or Liam's exes arrived on the beach.

The first season of the American version of the reality television show Ex on the Beach, premiered on April 19, 2018, with a launch special airing on April 12. It featured cast members from various reality television shows and first time reality participants living together in Hawaii with their exes.[1]

Like many other shows, Ex On The Beach has had its fair share of divas and drama. However, there are certain members from each season that are simply unforgettable for the impact they had on viewers, even years after the episodes have aired.

However, this fling seemed to end almost immediately when Nicole's ex, Laurel Stucky, arrived at the house. Nicole's Staten Island accent and boss attitude carried her throughout the season, even with the tough situations that seemed to always come her way.

Cory has had some baggage of his own since the minute he walked onto the beach. The Real World: Ex-Plosion alum has a child with Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd, and he also was a cast member to have his ex, Alicia Wright, show up on the show in the first episodes.

His time on Are You The One? 5 was where he formed a connection with Alicia, who was an ex of Cory and an enemy of Angela Babicz prior to filming the season. Derrick is memorable for attempting to untangle himself from the mess of his past while being a bit dramatic when it comes to doing so.

The Bad Girls Club alum was featured on the first and second seasons of the series, and she set the tone for what drama can go down on the beach. Her time on the show started out incredible, as she seemed to experience love at first sight with cast member Tor'i.

As the premise promises, Ex on the Beach brings more drama than hook-ups, though it is historically heavy on both. The original British show aired nine seasons, while the MTV American version has currently aired six seasons that include some spin-offs within the seasons. The current season of Ex on the Beach is titled Ex on the Beach Couples: Now or Never. The completely chaotic sixth season has exes showing up to shake things up between current couples, including buzzed about newcomers Lola de Lepine and her boyfriend Sorinn Lilico, who found their romance interrupted by Christopher Patrone.

Corey Wharton and Taylor Selfridge from Ex on the Beach season 1 are one of the most chaotic yet best known couples to arise from the franchise, and the couple is still together in 2023. Corey, who has a child from a previous relationship with Teen Mom star and fellow reality TV personality Cheyenne Ford, and Taylor are the ultimate Ex on the Beach USA success story, though they haven't been without their scandals. The couple met on the first season and fell for each other, before sticking together through their ups and downs. Corey and Cheyenne co-parent their daughter, while Corey and Taylor have two beautiful daughters together.

Shanley McIntee is another Ex on the Beach cast member who got her happy ending. Like a number of cast members for the show, Shanley first appeared on Are You The One? She joined Ex on the Beach season 1 as the ex of Cameron Kolbo, along with Taylor Selfridge. Shanley shared that she is now happily in love with her boyfriend Cameron Porras. "Gorgeous, the both of yas," one fan commented on a recent photo Shanley shared of them. "You & your man are fine sis," another appreciative fan noted.

Over the years, MTV has made a conscious effort to assemble diverse casts for its newer reality shows. In 2019, for instance, the eighth season of Are You The One? had an entire cast of sexually fluid singles. In the fourth season of Ex on the Beach, Adore Delano (RuPaul's Drag Race) and Nicole Zanatta (Real World: Skeletons, The Challenge: Vendettas, The Challenge: Double Agents) were included also included in the series.

Unfortunately, though, LGBTQ+ representation has been incredibly scarce in most reality dating shows. Throughout 26 seasons of The Bachelor and 18 seasons of The Bachelorette, only a handful of cast members - like Colton Underwood and Demi Burnett - have come out as not being straight.

Meanwhile, streaming services have attempted to cast more LGBTQ+ cast members on their dating shows. HBO Max's 12 Dates of Christmas featured gay leading men in seasons one and two, as well as a lesbian leading woman in the second season. On the other hand, the streamer's FBoy Island dating series lacked any form of representation.

On Netflix's Love Is Blind season one, Carlton Morton's journey on the show ended as soon as he came out as bisexual. As far as the second season of Love Is Blind and the first season of The Ultimatum go, one is hard-pressed to find queer representation anywhere. In response to the backlash from fans, Netflix has greenlit an all-LGBTQ+ second season for The Ultimatum.

Thankfully, Ex on the Beach season five is meeting viewers' expectations when it comes to putting together a much more diverse cast in terms of sexual orientation and gender identity. Meet season five's LGBTQ+ cast mates:

Arisce Wanzer is a trans woman who's worked as a professional model for many years. In 2016, she was featured on Oxygen's reality series Strut alongside Dominique Jackson, Isis King, Laith Ashley, and Cecilio Asuncion, to name a few. Wanzer is now being featured as a main cast member on Ex on the Beach season five, where she's having to face her ex-boyfriend, Mike Mulderrig.

Speaking of Mulderrig, he has identified as a bisexual man for many years and is now a contestant on Ex on the Beach season five. Mulderrig's rise to fame started on his YouTube channel, MikeMGTV, but he also appeared on MTV's Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club back in 2019. While having to deal with his lingering feelings for Arisce on EOTB, Mulderrig is also facing a new distraction that he didn't see coming.

When David Barta appeared on Paradise Hotel season one, he was just another seemingly straight guy looking for love on reality TV. Alas, Barta came out as pansexual on Ex on the Beach during the first episode of season five and revealed that Mulderrig has been his male crush for many years. By the end of the premiere, Barta and Mulderrig shared an on-screen kiss that suggests they might be forming a love triangle that involves Wanzer.

The producers of Love Island might say that queer cast members pose "logistical difficulties" for the show, but that hasn't stopped certain cast members from getting into same-sex relationships over the years. A prime example of that was when Love Island USA season one finalist Emily Salch, who identifies as bisexual, started a relationship with co-star Kyra Green after their season came to an end. Now, Salch and Green have the opportunity to make amends, or perhaps seek new relationships, on Ex on the Beach.

Green coupled up with several different guys on Love Island USA season one - ranging from Cashel Barnett to Eric Hall to Jered Youngblood. However, the show never explored the fact that Green identifies as a bisexual woman. On Ex on the Beach season five, Green will face her Love Island USA co-star and ex-girlfriend Salch, which might lead to reconciliation or closure.

Jonathan Troncoso appeared as a contestant in the third season of the dancing competition World of Dance. On the show, he formed a same-sex dancing duo alongside Jorge Valcarcel. The pair unfortunately didn't get very far on World of Dance, but Troncoso is now having a reality TV comeback on Ex on the Beach. Troncoso identifies as a gay man and will be spending a few weeks with his ex-boyfriend, Joelle Brian, while filming the MTV series.

Unlike most of the cast of EOTB season five, this is Brian's very first stint on reality TV. He is walking onto the beach as a gay man who happens to be Troncoso's ex. Upon first impressions, it appears that Troncoso and Brian want to reconcile and get back together. With that said, it's still way too early in the season for anyone to forecast where their storylines will end up.

How would you react if you were on a romantic vacation with your crush and your ex suddenly appeared out of the blue? This is the premise of MTV's reality show Ex on the Beach, which was originally a U.K. show, but is now in its fifth season in the U.S. 041b061a72

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