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I think not. This is playing out like the BP spill; there's just no way to forecast just how bad things can get when we use this risky source of energy.Poor Japan: First, they taught the world that nuclear weapons should never be used. Now, they're teaching the world that nuclear-based energy should never be used.

Sea Dogs: To Each His Own – Pirate Open World R...

There are 442 power producing reactors in the world. A storm damaged the Japanese reactors. We need to look at the safeguards for each location. Keep building new reactors, and plan for worst-case scenarios.

Ok, 1st off while nuclear power may be clean however, it has a very negative backlash when containment is breached due to any reason. America needs to open its 3rd eye. Why not take the monies for nuclear energy & invest in alternative energy solutions (solar, wind, CNG, LNG, Wave tech) and start the shut down process of nuclear power plants. Another option, which may be a little costly, but I feel is better in the long run, desalination plants that turn ocean water into clean, potable water. The US Navy does this with their ships when they are underway... just a thought.

We've reached Mars searching with the rover, walked on the moon, developed the Aurora SR-75 that can reach speeds >5,000 mph at 8 mach reaching northeast Russia and back in under 3 hours, built a staffed space station, unmanned drones, smart missles and who knows what else with a 1.7 trillion black budget but we can't find a safe energy source for the world? I don't think so. There is not enough money in wind, solar and safer alternative energy sources and it is all about the money. We are playing roulette with nuclear power. The brightest minds on this planet know there are safer energy sources and could develop them and quickly if they were authorized to but it won't happen unless the populace wake up and demand it.

Nuclear power should "NOT" be used as a source of energy! We've had other "warnings" from mother nature.......with that in Japan as the "ultimate" "many" warnings do we "NEED"!?!?!? ALL nuclear reactors worldwide should be dismantled as soon as possible. Reactors are going to be to us what the crystal was to Atlantis. They are going to turn this planet into a barren wasteland devoid of all life. The "powers that be" have been "talking" for years about developing cleaner and safer energy.......WHEN are they going to "DO" it?!?!?!? No, they'll spend billions sending crap up in outer space but can't take care of "this" planet or its starving people. AND........."ALL" offshore oil rigs also need to be dismantled as soon as possible and ONLY allowed on land far away from water......this way "accidents" will go into the ground where they are contained and NOT pollute the water or sealife........and they should try to find oil on already barren lands and not rape forests to find it/drill! Donald Trump said it best: "there are stupid people in this country run by stupid people".

There are a lot of irrational fears about nuclear power, it is not the "boogie" man. No system of any kind is completely safe. Here is some perspective. All over the world we operate a complex transportation network consisting of roads and vehicles. We provide the vehicle operators with safe operating training and the system has passive and active safety systems, but each and every year thousands of people are killed and many more injured and yet we don't stop driving or demand that the system be completely fail safe. It seems we only get truly worked up about something if there is a possibility that it may injure or kill a whole bunch of people all at once.

It never was a good idea. It is hard to believe that people can't see that. Maybe after this serious nuclear incident in Japan, those that are in a position to make a difference in the world, along with the general public, will open up their eyes. There are so many safer and cleaner alternatives. Ali, I am sure you have received many intelligent, thoughtful responses. This is the dawning of a new way of doing things in the world.

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