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But the president who is facing charges of corruption would have won the day on international front. The Americans know that by giving immunity to Jaliya, Sri Lanka would have breached UN Convention Against Corruption. So no way can the US go there. But the legal and technical ground to grant Jaliya immunity, after receiving the recommendations of the International Legal Commission, may be used to grant immunity to the president as well. As for the countries which are following Sri Lanka, they may not forget the act of Sri Lanka. We will be able to hand the baton over to new democracies like India, Indonesia, and Japan. But other than these, we do not know how other countries will react. If China had not participated in the war and Sri Lanka could not handover the office of the President of that time, there might have been a problem. Yet, as now, China is not needed to happen, as both China and Sri Lanka are neighbouring countries and they may face other problems. But we can expect China to continue with US support. For similar reasons, Israel will continue with India and Greece will continue with Russia. The trans-Pacific trade relations will continue and there would be no issues created.

Jaliya V4 Edition Full Version

The motivation for this editorial with respect to our latest news note is to update our website. It is a work in progress and we welcome input and feedback. Especially, it is with great thanks to all those who have taken the time to visit the website and contribute in providing content and pictures. A special thanks to the contributors on our behalf, and to the contributors, who have continued to make the Jaliya website a more significant portal for the dissemination of knowledge on the various aspects of the "Jaliya" enterprise. I wish you all success, as we will continue to contribute to each other to provide to you news and information on the subjects for our Jaliya website. Sarana

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