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US Pressure Forces UK Government Rethink About The Huawei Situation

Leto,"...building military bases in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Pacific Islands are just wild speculations ..."I did not say that it had built bases, I said the Chinese were working to get access to various locations so that bases can be developed."Taiwan today also lays claim ..."The Chinese claims in the South China Sea go back to the early 20th century. The Taiwanese do have a claim but they have not militarized anything from what I understand. The Chinese have of course, aggressively and illegally militarized various islands."BTW, US never ratified UNCLOS,.."So what? It was not the US that brought the action to the international court."... the US is actively planning to block Chinese shipping in the event of a conflict over Taiwan. "Sure. It's clear why the Chinese want to control these waters. It is a necessary tactical response. If they left Taiwan alone there would be no need."So why nobody is talking about this option compared to the alternative of steady march toward war? "And what about what the majority of the Taiwanese people want? You obviously believe it is of not relevance."A Machiavellian view is that the US actually wishes to provoke China into attacking Taiwan so that US can rally its allies to sanction China and stop China's rise once and for all."This just has to be idiotic nonsense. Who in their right mind would want to go to war with an aggressive nuclear armed state which also has a powerful conventional military. It's insanity."US has been sending military planes and vessels close to Chinese shores on a regular basis. "What is the evidence for this? The US and others have been sending military forces through international waters and airspace which the Chinese illegally claim as their own."US has launched a trade war under Trump, now an economic war by Biden to cut China off from the international supply chain involving advanced technologies."So what?China rose on the back of western capital, technology and markets. It used this wealth to build a formidable military which it uses to threaten Taiwan and enforce its claims over other states. Globalization caused the de-industrialization of the West and is largely responsible for the economic, political and social problems in the West. China owes the West. The West owes China nothing. It is sound internal policy and geostategic policy to return industry to the West and leave China to its devices. China is already internalizing its economy and is building economic relations within the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. The Chinese want the yuan to be the currency of choice. The Russians want a convertible rouble to dominate. Some associate and member states of the SCO are mortal enemies. Many of the member states rely on fossil fuel revenues. If the world gets serious about limiting fossils, this will cause problems for member states. All this will generate challenging internal contradictions. It will be interesting to see how this goes. China on top of its overt military adventurism has been attempting to subvert various US allies with clandestine political machinations. In Australia, the government eventually listened to the security services and bought this behaviour to public attention. The same is going on in Canada. These actions are not those of a friendly country.

US pressure forces UK government rethink about the Huawei situation

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