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[S1E8] Bloodline Extra Quality

Corlys' younger brother Vaemond knows that Corlys wants Driftmark to pass through his son Laenor and his wife Rhaenyra to their second son, Luke (their oldest son Jace is still officially the heir to the Iron Throne, remember). But Vaemond also knows that since Luke is not a true Velaryon but instead a "pup of House Strong," this would effectively end the Velaryon bloodline. He insists that he himself should inherit the Driftwood Throne instead, and feels strongly that the Queen will agree with him. "The winds are changing," he says.

[S1E8] Bloodline

Lord Corlys (Steve Toussaint) was still stressing about Rhaenys (Evie Best) missing out on being Queen. She was more worried about ensuring their bloodline and suggested Corlys pass his title to their granddaughter Baela (Shani Smethurst). 041b061a72

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